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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blog Eleven: Thinking...

Parts of the Hunger Games that I find the most interesting is how the other tribute from other districts actually paired up and became  the careers. The arena is also interesting to me and how they build it because they can add and take out things with technology. Also the love that Katniss and Peeta have is the most interesting to me because I feel like they started off by doing it for the cameras but as the Games went on they actually started liking each other just because they wanted to. I think she might of forgot about Gale at home she might have feelings for him again when she gets back.

The most interesting things in my book would probably have to be that the main character in my book lost her mother and now has to live with her grandparents. I like the way she is starting to show her story though out the book and how she goes from being shy at her new school to being happy and having friends. I also like the whole meaning behind the book because it has a mix between the two sides how one is funny and the other is more bittersweet, I think its a good match.

Something that bothers me in the Hunger Games is when we finish a chapter and the end of the chapter would make you want to read more. But other than that it would probably be that even though Katniss and Peeta are supposed to "love" each other I wish they would just tell each other or confirm it. Its like they do it for the camera then they do it because they just want to kiss. Like I wish they could just say that they really like each other or if they don't then maybe one of them would say they don't like then and then I think things would get really interesting.

One thing that bothers me most in the book I'm reading is that I feel like they haven't introduced more characters. I hope as I read on they will have more, but for the most part its a good book so far and hopefully they will have more characters. 

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