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Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog Six: Setting

The setting is important to the plot in the story because it takes place in the arena with trees, lakes, grass, and green patches. Its also important because the game makers are the one who are controlling it and they can change it up by adding things. The game makers to things to make it interesting and what the audience wants to see. They also need to have the right sources to survive, unless sponsors give them some or the game makers provide it. 

It would be different if they told the story in a different setting because then the way they did things would be different. If the setting was a place without trees Katniss she would not be able to climb them and hide from the careers. If it took place in the desert they would have to get food and water more often. They would have trouble hunting and people would die faster. If it was a cold setting they would need warm clothing and shoes. It would change everything they did because of their actions to a different setting. 

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