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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog 3: Fashion

What do the outfits we wear say about us?
I think they say a lot about us because it all depends on what you like and your style. I also think it shows off your personality and what your interested in.

How to our clothes tell people what to think bout us?
If someone is a simple person they might dress more casual where as someone who has an outgoing personality might dress more confident and edgy. Even though people don’t really know who you are they can kind of get an idea of who you are by what your wearing.

How come clothes have too much power in people’s minds?
Because people will take one look at you and think something about you that’s not true based on what you’re wearing. If someone see’s you wearing something that they don’t like or doesn’t look right they might think that you don’t know how to dress or you don’t know what clothes are “in”.

What are our motivations for wearing certain kinds of clothes?
Some people wear certain clothes because they may have see a celebrity or a model wearing a specific shirt or pair of shoes.  Also when a celebrity is sponsored or has a new clothing line with a brand it makes people what to buy them.

Who tells us what clothes mean?
I don't think anyone can really tell us what clothes really mean, everyone has the freedom to wear what they want and people can't really tell them whats right and wrong. 

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