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Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog Seven: HG Chapters 15-16 Reflection

Chapters 15 and 16 felt like there was a lot of communication between Katniss and Rue. They are now friends and made their own pack just the two of them. They are helping each other with food and treatments. I think they make a good team together, they each have resources that they can exchange and learn from each other. I though it was nice of Katniss let Rue join her. I like the way they look out for each other, especially the way she cares for Rue like if she was Prim.

 The part that shocked me was when the got bit three times by a tracker-jackers and she already started to hallucinate. I would have thought that it would take more before it started.  Also when they had the idea to blow up the careers food and supplies. I thought that it was a risky move because who knows what could happen. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog Six: Setting

The setting is important to the plot in the story because it takes place in the arena with trees, lakes, grass, and green patches. Its also important because the game makers are the one who are controlling it and they can change it up by adding things. The game makers to things to make it interesting and what the audience wants to see. They also need to have the right sources to survive, unless sponsors give them some or the game makers provide it. 

It would be different if they told the story in a different setting because then the way they did things would be different. If the setting was a place without trees Katniss she would not be able to climb them and hide from the careers. If it took place in the desert they would have to get food and water more often. They would have trouble hunting and people would die faster. If it was a cold setting they would need warm clothing and shoes. It would change everything they did because of their actions to a different setting. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog 5: Dear President Snow

 Dear President Snow,  

I believe that the Hunger Games should be abolished. I think that if you are going to have these games to fight for food then you should just give all the districts what they need to make them all equal. I feel like some people are just doing this to watch other families suffer watching and finding out that their loved one is dead. I understand that maybe think that they should fight for what they want but only one gets to win. Some of the tributes know that they won't stand a chance in the first day. 

I wonder how you and other people involved feel about this, seeing other people die, knowing the fear that you put them it. I wish other people knew why you are doing this. Do you do this for other peoples entertainment? Then why! Why is it that you put all these people and their families in so much pain, fear, and the tributes in starvation having to survive and not knowing if they are going to make it out alive!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blog One: Hunger Games intro.

So far I think The Hunger Games is a good book. I think its better than the movie because it has a lot more detail and I kind of understand the book better, also because with the book I feel like you can take your time to think about what you've read if you didn't understand. I like the way they describe the characters and I feel like you get to know them better. In the book they tell more about what the characters are think and how they feel and in the movie you don't really get to see that.

Blog 3: Fashion

What do the outfits we wear say about us?
I think they say a lot about us because it all depends on what you like and your style. I also think it shows off your personality and what your interested in.

How to our clothes tell people what to think bout us?
If someone is a simple person they might dress more casual where as someone who has an outgoing personality might dress more confident and edgy. Even though people don’t really know who you are they can kind of get an idea of who you are by what your wearing.

How come clothes have too much power in people’s minds?
Because people will take one look at you and think something about you that’s not true based on what you’re wearing. If someone see’s you wearing something that they don’t like or doesn’t look right they might think that you don’t know how to dress or you don’t know what clothes are “in”.

What are our motivations for wearing certain kinds of clothes?
Some people wear certain clothes because they may have see a celebrity or a model wearing a specific shirt or pair of shoes.  Also when a celebrity is sponsored or has a new clothing line with a brand it makes people what to buy them.

Who tells us what clothes mean?
I don't think anyone can really tell us what clothes really mean, everyone has the freedom to wear what they want and people can't really tell them whats right and wrong.